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Everyone on the planet should learn Reiki. Similar in results to energy healing techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years, (such as laying-on-hands, or chi kung) Reiki is easy to learn, and can be done successfully by people of all levels of innate ability and experience. Reiki works by enhancing the bodies ability to heal itself, and can be used on oneself and others. It is amazing for relieving stress and the severity of stress related illlness.

Reiki can be done in formal sessions, like spa massage or accupuncture, but can also be extremely effective during work coffee breaks, on airplanes. Reiki is also practical help for headaches, stress, phobias, recovery, and improving intuition.

Everyone can benefit from learning this amazing healing energy.


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Jess's new site is now live. This is the new home of Reiki Explorer sessions, meet-ups, and classes.

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