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Helping Ordinary People be Extraordinary Healers

Anyone can have Healing Hands!

Everyone on the planet should learn Reiki.  Similar in results to energy healing techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years, (such as laying-on-hands, or chi kung). Reiki is easu to learn, and can be done successfully by people of all levels of innate ability and experience. Reiki works by enhancing the body's ability to heal itself, and can be used on oneself and others. It is amazing for relieving stress and the severity of stress related illlness.

Reiki can be done in formal sessions, like spa massage or accupuncture, but can also be extremely effective during work coffee breaks, on airplanes. Reiki is also practical help for headaches, stress, phobias, recovery, and improving intuition.

Everyone can benefit from learning this amazing healing energy.

Amazing Reiki Classes

Train with the best! Weekend classes are informal, informative & transformational blend of western Reiki, Japanese Reiki, and "Speed Reiki" techniques.

Schedule, tuition, location, and online registration links.. Beginner to teacher level and beyond.

Reiki Class Info and Registration

Benefits & Answers

Learn how atheles, executives, animals and pets, teachers, students, parents, health care professionals can make major strides with Reki.

Great information on using Reiki for General Health, Stress, Phobias, Migraines, Pain issues and more!

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Beyond the Basics

Want to do more powerful self treatments? Know about legal aspects of doing Reiki in California? See slides shows of Jess's trips to Kurama mountain, where Reiki began. Find out about our fabulous Reiki Membership site

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Reiki Healing Intro Nights

The place to experience Reiki, share experiences and ask questions. Open to ALL. Reiki curious people, past students, other Reiki Practitioners and Teachers

Happens the FRIDAY night 7-9pm just before classes in San Jose and Glendale/La Crescenta [Northeastern Los Angeles area]. See schedule below or visit:

Includes Reiiki demonstrations, recent Reiki experiences & questions, Reiki Healing Attunement.. NO RSVP Required. $15 donation.
Space may be limited depending on venue.